Care TOgether, TOday, TOmorrow – Il Global Festival sul Buen Vivir per le persone e il Pianeta”: dopo due anni di una pandemia, che ha messo in luce le disuguaglianze e i bisogni insoddisfatti di tante comunità in tutto il mondo – dall’assistenza sanitaria all’ecologia, dall’economia all’istruzione – nasce la proposta di un incontro per mettere in luce le storie delle comunità escluse e dimenticate, suggerire proposte e soluzioni di inclusione, empowerment e solidarietà.

I concetti e la pratica del “Buen vivir” e dell’ecologia integrale sono alla base di questo appuntamento aperto a persone di tutte le età, credenze e provenienze, che si terrà da sabato 14 a domenica 15 maggio 2022.

Il programma è pensato in modalità “mista” – ovvero, in presenza e online – con le dirette nella fascia oraria dalle 14.00 alle 16.00 UTC+2. Diversi i momenti: riflessioni, confronti, divertimento, sport, danza e artigianato.

L’incontro vuole essere un’occasione per fare rete, imparare dalle azioni e dai progetti degli uni e degli altri, ispirare a collaborare, generare un impatto positivo a livello locale e globale.

“Care together, today, tomorrow” è parte della campagna Dare to Care dello United World Project.

Un programma presenziale (a Castelgandolfo) e online preparato da giovani e adulti.

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Date(s) - 14/05/2022 - 15/05/2022


Dove: Centro Mariapoli di Castelgandolfo (Italia). Per partecipare in presenza, è necessario prenotarsi entro il 4 maggio: – codice: GIPR0522.

Ulteriori informazioni sulle prenotazioni, sul programma, sul live streaming e sui kit per i social network saranno pubblicate qui:

Promosso da: Movimento Umanità Nuova, Giovani per un Mondo Unito, Centro del Dialogo con la cultura del Movimento dei Focolari.

An open invitation to the Global Festival of “Living well” for the people and the planet which will take place on Saturday, 14th and Sunday, 15th of May at the Mariapoli Center of Castelgandolfo (Italy). Through an experiential and dialogic approach, the event offers outdoor activities, workshops and exchange of viewpoints with experts. There will also be moment of sharing for those who wish to participate in the event remotely, through a live streaming from 14:30 to 16:00 (Central European Time).   

Today, in continuity with the debate started in the last century, the need to rethink the concept of “development” is undoubtedly being stressed upon. In many parts of the world, in fact, development is being discussed, linking it to human rights, the mobility of the people, dialogue, the coexistence of different cultures and peace, the protection of the planet, evaluating the progress made and the journey yet to be travelled towards the goals of the UNO Agenda 2030.

With the emergence of new narratives, new channels of communication, new methods of sharing ideas and different audiences with respect to those of fifty years ago, the alternatives to the development imposed in the “third world” countries have found various ways to generate a concrete action movement, aware and determined to find a balance between the place in the world that each person occupies and the way in which that place is being lived, because it is clear that it is not possible to continue to jeopardise the survival of the planet nor that of the human being.

The traditional and ancestral contribution of the Latin America populations, with their philosophy and ecological knowledge, is one of those calls throughout the world to value and preserve man’s interdependence with nature.

Many books, articles, films, series, poems, blogs and podcasts explain that the personal realisation, especially from a social and cultural viewpoint, is essential to the human development. Therefore, coexisting in harmony with one’s self, with the other, with the community and the environment is fundamental for a full participation in political, economic, social, ecological and cultural life.

Dialogue between generations and cultures, interdisciplinary and Sumak Kawsay/ Living well  

In a global scenario that calls for a joint action on issues such as personal or collective identity, freedom, security, protection of the person, environmental protection, creativity and innovation, leisure, access to goods and services like water, electricity, means of communication, healthcare, education, accommodation, social assistance and many others, this invitation was born to open an intergenerational and international dialogue on how the principles of the Sumak Kawsay/Living well and the Andean philosophy can contribute to a life lived in harmony with nature and to collective solidarity, for a happy, serene and simple life.

The “Care to-gether, to-day, to-morrow” event

After two years of a pandemic that has shed light on the inequalities and the unheard needs of the many communities of the world – from the health, ecological, economic and educative emergencies to the mobility of people and the right to peace – the event puts forth a space for networking and learning through the initiatives and the projects in progress in the world. The event that will be held at the Mariapoli Centre of Castelgandolfo (Rome – Italy) will be a starting point to generate collaborations and new initiatives destined to have a positive impact at a local and global level.

When: Saturday, 14th & Sunday, 15th May 2022

To participate in presence, it is necessary to register within the 4th of May:  – code:  GIPR0522.

Further information regarding registrations, the programme, live streaming and the kit for the social network will be published here:

Promoted by: New Humanity Movement, Youth for a United World, Centre for Dialogue with the Culture of the Focolare Movement.

For more information:

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